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Akshay, by me.

Akshay, by me.

I realized something about the Golden Half…

A lot of us treat it as a toy camera. I mean sure it’s inexpensive, almost completely made out of plastic (including the lens), has very few settings, etc…

But it really is a capable camera. I’ve used a Diana Mini & a Holga. Both cost around the same price as a GoldenHalf. Both of them were super annoying to use. I mean problems with winding, overlap, film getting stuck/tearing, back following out, too many light leaks, you get the idea. I know people who cite these as reasons for loving toy cameras (I was one of them). But after I point I had enough.

With the GH I have never had any one of these problems. It winds seamlessly. Parts don’t fall off. There’s no focus so you can’t mess up in that department.

I admit that it’s sad that it doesn’t allow double exposures easily. But still it is one capable little camera.

And I realized that when I gave my second roll to the lab to process/scan. I forgot to tell him to scan two together so he scanned each & every image individually. I got about 80 exposures. A couple weren’t too good, like when my mom accidentally covered the lens, etc. But the 70 or so images I got were pretty perfect. And because they weren’t fused together they were less gimmicky (in my opinion) & each frame could be viewed individually. The results were pretty amazing.

You can see them here:

Golden Half in Bandra ☀

Golden Half in Goa {2011} (I)

Golden Half in Goa {2011} (II)

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Sorry for long periods of inactivity on this tumblr, but I’m back now. And first this was just a Golden Half tribute blog for me, but I finally got my first film processed, so yay! You will be seeing a lot of my photos in the coming few days! :)

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